A word from the President........


ďNew Life Bible College and Seminary, its staff and faculty are dedicated to the task of helping each student reach his/her highest potential effectiveness in the service of the Lord. 


Our goal is simple.  To teach the word of God that it may be rightly divided according to Godís Holy Word.Ē


New Life Bible College and Seminary

Staff & Board of Directors


President                 Dr. Gene Ware,

                                 THD - D.C./Psy.


Vice President         Tommy Simpson


Dean/Administrative Assistant

                                 Jeannie Kirby


Directors                 Brenda Boyd

                                 Charles Kirby

                                 Dave Davis


Professors, Dennis Gomez, M.Th

                           Charles Kinley,D.D

                               Keith Cobb, D.D.

                             Gene Ware, Ph.D

                      Tommy Simpson D.D.

                          Gene Hatcher, Ph.D.

                          Doris Hatcher, Ph.D.



Code of Conduct

For New Life Bible College

and Seminary


1.  Each student must dress appropriately.

     Women:  No shorts or halter tops or

     anything deemed inappropriate by the board.

      Men:      No tank tops or shorts or

             anything deemed inappropriate by the board.

2. Each student must conduct himself in 

    an orderly and courteous fashion.

3. Due to the nature of the courses being taught at New Life Bible College and

    Seminary, we cannot permit children in the classes.

4.  Each student will be required to 

    keep up with the weekly assignments as 

    assigned by the instructor.

5.  The $30.00 registration fee must be

        paid by the second week of the 

       studentís enrollment.  Once a student is

       registered, a mandatory $7.00 discipline

       fee is due each time the class meets  

       whether the student attends or not.  This

       is the studentís tuition fee.

   Extension Students fees are $35.00 

   per discipline.

6. The Graduation Fee will be $25.00. 

       This does not include cap, gown or

       banquet fees.

7. No grade will be given until discipline

     is paid in full at the end of each course.

8. Students are expected to be on time and

   be in the assembly service at 6:00 PM.

   Class hours are 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM.



ďStudy to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth.Ē
















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For more information, call or write:


New Life Bible College

and Seminary

PO Box 1258

Bessemer City, NC  28016






Nondiscriminatory Policy

New Life Bible College and Seminary admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges and activities generally accorded or made available to students of the school.  New Life Bible College and Seminary does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its policies, loan programs and other school administered programs.


Statement of Standards

All students are required to give a testimony of having accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.  Each student is expected to conduct himself/herself in a manner that at no time will bring reproach upon our Saviour or the school.


All students must be a working part of a local church.  Time spent in participation within the local church will be logged and turned into the College.  These hours are

figured into the studentís semester credit hours as Personal Ministry.  Godís Word demands that we be doers of the Word and not hearers (or students) only.




The purpose of New Life Bible College and Seminary is to provide education within the context of Christian values with emphasis on high academic standards and spiritual development.


In keeping the goals of the school, we will seek to provide the student with academic and spiritual pursuits.


1. Which will develop within the student a God-centered perspective by studying His revelation through creation, History and the rational ability of man.

2. Which will develop a discipline approach to life reflected in habits of study and an approach to all of life which will enable the student to bring to fruition his human capacity for intellectual and spiritual behavior.

3. Which will develop within a student a sensitivity to the needs of others and a sympathetic understanding of people and their problems and prepare him to make his maximum contribution to society.

4. Which will enable a student to appreciate work that is done and which will encourage him to fulfill every responsibility to the honor and glory of God.

5. Which will develop a Christ-centered commitment and character seeing the world as Godís vineyard and seeking to bring honor to the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the ultimate goal of this school.



What We Believe

We are a fundamental, evangelical Bible believing college; and we believe that the canonized King James Bible is the inerrant and infallible Word of God.  We accept that the Bible is Godís instruction manual for life and that it is written to all mankind.


It is our belief that God created the earth and the universe in six literal days and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of a virgin.  We believe that He died on the cross at Calvary, but that He arose from the dead three days later and now sits at the right hand of God as our High Priest and intervenes on our behalf to the Father for our sins.  We further believe that He will be returning for us and that we shall reign in heaven for eternity with Him.  Finally, we believe that all nonbelievers will be sentenced to a burning hell for eternity.


Although accreditation is not necessary for a Christian College, we feel that high academic standards and ethics are.  After extensive research we are proud to announce that we have found what we consider to be the best available. 


New Life Bible College and Seminary sought and received full membership and accreditation from Southern Associatian of Christian Schools.


Refund Policy

Students may change or drop a program at anytime during the first three (3) weeks after notification of their acceptance into the College.  When a program is dropped or withdrawn from and no substitute is taken, the following refund policy will apply:

            Refund of tuition is as follows:

            A.    From 21-30 days from the date                        of enrollment:  80%

            B.     From 31-60 days from the date                        of enrollment:  60%

            C.     From 61-90 days from the date                        of enrollment - 40%

            D.    After 90 days from the date of                         enrollment - NONE

A student must notify the College in writing of the intention to withdraw.  The withdrawal date will be the date the notification is received by New Life Bible College and Seminary and this date will be used in calculating the amount of tuition refunded.







Courses Offered


1st Year

        ABS 101      The Pentateuch I

        ABS 102      The Pentateuch II

        ABS 103      Old Testament History I

        ABS 104      Old Testament History II

        ABS 105      Experiental Books I

        ABS 106      Experiental Books II

        ABS 107      Heart of Hebrew History O.T.

        ABS 108      Heart of Hebrew History N.T.



2nd  Year

        ABS 201      Major Prophets I

        ABS 202      Major Prophets II

        ABS 203      Minor Prophets I

        ABS 204      Minor Prophets II

        ABS 205      Intertestament Period Review I

        ABS 206      Intertestament Period Review II

        ABS 207      History of Christianity I

        ABS 208      History of Christianity II



3rd Year

        BBS 301       Prayer I

        BBS 302       Prayer II

        BBS 303       New Testament History I

        BBS 304       New Testament History II

        BBS 305       Christian Church Epistles I

        BBS 306       Christian Church Epistles II

        BBS 307       Pastoral Epistles I

        BBS 308       Pastoral Epistles II



4th Year

        BBS 401       Kingdom of the Cults I

        BBS 402       Kingdom of the Cults II

        BBS 403       Doctrines of Christian Religion I

        BBS 404       Doctrines of Christian Religion II

        BBS 405       Hermeneutics I

        BBS 406       Hermeneutics II

        BBS 407       Church Administration I

        BBS 408       Church Administration II

        BBS 409       Effective Bible Teaching I

        BBS 410       Effective Bible Teaching II